Monday, 26 November 2007

More Niki Flynn cake action:

This was requested by MysteryDave, who insisted I share the oddness with more people. Purists beware - there is no spanking in this 30 second anti-piracy film, although I am not wearing any pants, if that makes a difference.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbian spanking models...

Er yes. Last night I got naked with Niki Flynn, molested her and then licked chocolate cake off her, before sharing a gooey chocolate snog.

Pic sneak preview courtesy of the wonder that is Billy of Monkeytwizzle/Northern Spanking fame.

Ah. Except that's blood. Whoops!

Anyway. Had a lot of fun, was in a lot of pictures, and obtained 25 x my RDA of sugar in the space of an hour. All good then!

In other news - shot with Sam Johnson for Sam's Diaries last week, and was treated to giving out a hard caning to a bad bad boy on film, which was very enjoyable, as well as being spanked and caned by the legendary Sam as a poor tennis doubles partner, and a lackadasical work experience girl at the office. Then we were both spanked, slippered, caned and birched in a final schoolgirl film.

Cor, I felt the last lot! Was fantastic!


Sunday, 4 November 2007

Hey Mr Tambourine Man, spank that ass for me...

Phew, the Kane Party was awesome. Great girls, great food, great company - great fun!
The theme was 'Back to the 60s" in honour of a certain someone's 40th birthday, and there were plenty of Quant-esque minis about. Not on the boys though, that would be a bit novel at Kane!

I'll do a full review once I can get my hands on a couple of pictures. (I thought I'd better update swiftly as a certain dear Welshman requested I updated more often!!)

I got some pictures of the foot fetish party in August though - don't worry, I won't subject you spanky people to pictures of my feet!

Leia-Ann Woods, myself and Miss Cameo. Yep, I'm floating. Oddness ahoy!

Rear view. Yep, you can see a couple of cane bruises. They'll have been from the CG party the day before I expect.

Side view, with Miss Cameo and Leia-Ann. Having much fun on our trample-rug! Look how pale I am! Must get the fake tan out pronto!

All from Stiletto Foot Parties - if that's piqued your interest!

In other news; this week I doing another shoot with the legendary Sam Johnson for her site Sam's Diaries which will be a whole lot of spanking fun!

Bye for now.


Tuesday, 30 October 2007

But I'm a lady! I do not have le testiclé!

Bonus points to my US readers for getting that quote...;P

Well I've been rather caught up in life recently, as it does sometimes have a habit of sneaking up on you. One of a few ailments has been a fluey/cold/sickness that is clearly a result of taking two 6 hour trains a week and several tube journeys inbetween. Well, that and also a result of relaxing for a couple of days on the vitamin B/C/D/Zinc megadosing. I'm also a great afficionado of Vicks First Defence (Do you get it over the pond?) which has been a lifesaver for me on several occasions in the last year or so, and wasn't being very vigilant in using it for a couple of days.

Cursed masses sharing their germs with me. I had my flu jag at the start of the month, however we all know it's hardly infalliable, so I never expected to stay healthy for long. It wasn't brilliantly timed though, and really messed up several important/significant events.

This current blog post is brought to you by the old faithful Vicodin and the letters Aaah and Chooo. ;)

Never mind. I was well enough to attend the Cheeky Girls Party and this time the theme was Ladette to Lady.

After some small confusion over different people's definition of "Ladette", we started a little late. Armed with rowdy tongues and genuine cans of White Cider(!) we were swiftly awarded several ASBOs for our conduct. (some of us received more than one. I chose to collect mine rather like my degrees) The 20 strong gentlemen in attendance more than made up for the tardiness of some naughty girls' appearances, with a sound OTK spanking - and even a brief over the shoulder spanking for some of us from a very enthusiastic chap!

Then onto the implements, in a vain bid to knock some sense into us. No chance!

Sascha clearly learning her lesson here - although What a lesson!:

Sascha, Jadie and Sharon being shown the error of their ways;

We then changed into more respectable dresses after a lovely lunch, for the dreaded cane, and as a finale played "Grab-a-Cane." Possibly similar in style to the "Grab-a-Grand" from that old 90's chestnut Noel's House Party except without the money and the phone-in.
It essentially involves all the canes lain across the centre tables, and, after a count of three, the gentleman who grabs a cane the quickest gets to give extra strokes to the girl on stage for that go. Wholesome fun, and much better than musical chairs, I feel.

And a final one of some of the newly reformed Ladies: Dublin, Kirstyn, Jadie, Donna, Ruby and Sugar. -

Thursday sees a very special birthday Kane Party, which promises to be awesome, with some of the top UK CP models attending; Sam Johnson, Leia-Ann Woods, Andi Switch and the splendidly fabulous Jadie Reece, as well as myself (hey, I said some of the top!) and several other hot totties!
Very much looking forwards to it, so I hope I feel a little better. As it is, I've delayed my trip down to London by two days. Bah!

Those of you who appreciate some of the slightly more... unusual... films we produce at Northern should hopefully really enjoy the special Hallowe'en update tomorrow. I got to sit in on the edit for this one, and so the opening and closing credits might be a work of art in their own right - enjoy it! :D

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Driving Miss Amy

I am learning to drive at the moment. Flee, all ye in Scotland who use the roads!

I, suprisingly, haven't actually destroyed the car yet, and quite incredibly, thanks to my astoundingly patient instructor, seem to be one of his faster students.

In every way.

Most often heard phrases in the Amy Car of Doom include: "Gently on the brake... Brake... Brake now." *Amy takes a corner on two wheels* "Right. That was rather faster than you'd normally take that corner, did you notice?"

or: "Watch your speed.... it's a 30 zone. You're speeding. Use the brake."

Luckily he's discovered the way to punish me for speeding - Double Mini Roundabouts. They result in Instant candy-floss brained Amy. I don't think I'd manage them at 10mph, let alone 34mph.

Don't even start me on reversing round a corner. I think maybe when I do my test I'll need someone in the back with a laquered hairbrush to deter me from messing it up. You are apparently allowed to have "a friend" in the back seat of the car for your test. However they are not allowed to interfere in any way. I think I'd find that about 100% more off-putting every time I glanced in the rear view mirror to see someone there.

In other news, I have slightly strained a few muscles in my arm from recently correcting a wayward boy. Part of the reason I really like to punish men is because they have thicker skin, (Literally and metaphorically) so I can beat them harder.
However once a tolerance is built up from regular punishment, as one does in all people who are regularly spanked, some males can get really quite hard to get through to.
I just see it as a challenge, of course, but oh boy - do I feel it the next day!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

It's grim up North...


I thought I'd share some of my favourite moments in sets and videos from the last week or so on Northern Spanking - and why not?

First up - the stupendous Sarah Collins makes a rare appearance in Sarah Gets her Slap On - caught playing about with make-up and hauled across El's knee for it.

In the finale of Sascha's Set-up the sadistic bitch lady of the house continues her attack on innocent maid Sascha - having already reddened her bottom with hand and paddle, Amy shows off her multi-tasking skills; getting Sascha to clear the mess up whilst being paddled over the table, and then a final humilation bent over dusting her mistress' boots.

We have a fabulous new girl who made her debut this week - Faith Andrews is a beautiful redhead with a cleavage you could get lost in and a curvy bottom that is begging to be spanked. So we did! Rude not to, really....

And finally - partially for my own pervery - a couple of pictures from the finale of Andi Switch's latest set, The Price of a Passport.
I think the photography and imagery in this set is fab. Look at that picture of the knickers still not pulled up. The rucked up dress. The cuffs. *drool*
Of course, it's also helped by having a stunning girl like Andi with her amazing legs and attention to body language detail. hell, if I looked like this in suspenders, I'd wear them every day. With not much else!

That's all for now. I have a busy week ahead, with a Cheeky Girls party and a dentist appointment amongst other things. Talk about "out of the frying pan...."

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Meanwhile, back at the Northern Spanking Ranch...

A few of my favourite highlights from recent updates on Northern Spanking:

The gorgeous and very lovely Pandora Blake in the skimpiest bikini ever - caught sunbathing instead of doing the housework. She gets made to hold a really harsh stress position whilst being spanked with a nasty little strap. And she still manages to do it with grace - kudos to that girl.

After Lance finishes beating the poor girl he sends her back indoors to finish her chores.

Meanwhile, I am being wholeheartedly evil towards the beautiful Sascha Harvey in "Sascha's Set-up" - she's just spent some time carefully cleaning the room as is her job, and her employer (who has a slightly suspect sadistic streak) goes to great lengths to undo all her hard work just so she can punish Sascha's delightful bottom. Sick, really. Shouldn't be allowed. Goodness knows I didn't enjoy it, oh no... ;)

And last for now - because it's seriously far too late to be up - the ever-spiffy Niki Flynn (Whose book is being released on Thursday, UK folks!) playing a tarot card reader. James Walker is entirely unimpressed with his prediction of death, and promptly cold canes her. I've often thought I'd like to do that to people who write horoscopes...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Unexpected spanking

I meant to post this a while back, but completely forgot. Cue Spankings..

On a day trip out this summer (what there was of it), other half and I decided to go around a maze. When we got there, we were told that we were the last people to go in, and that if we got into any bother, we were to raise the flag we were given - a handy cane with a scrap of high vis cloth attached to the top - above the wall levels and wait for help.

Well. Clearly when handed a weapon of ass destruction (my god, I should do corner time just for coming out with that) I was only going to get into bother after about ten minutes of being lost...

Obviously, by "summer" I mean "rainy wet drizzle requiring multiple layers of clothing." But I still took down the jeans that kept me from pending hypothermia, because my bottom is used to being bared in such temperatures:

After all - I've shot stuff for Northern Spanking in sub zero temperatures - behold the whiteness of this picture (by the fantabulous Billy ):

And look at that view! Snow-topped Mountains galore, again courtesy of Billy:

That picture is a little bit like "Where's (w)Amy?", but you don't want to see my ugly mug when you have a vista like that. Come on now!

I'd quite like to do nice snowy scene where the hot bottom resulting from whatever punishment is sent to cool off in the snow afterwards. I don't suppose for a second it's not already been done, but it'd still be an interesting sensation!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

No Laughing Matter

Last night whilst chatting with Lucy and Paul, one of the (several) topics of heated debate was the challenge to name a single movie I've made recently as a sub that hasn't had some comedic element, a line that made someone in the room smirk or just descended into out-and-out comedy.
We barely managed 3...

Most of the ones I protested as being perfectly serious were ones where I dommed (with a few exceptions - like the current set on NS "Mistress Idol":)

This is clearly Not Good. Unless, of course, there is an Erotic Oscar category for best pr0n comedy, in which case I (and my sparring partner Stephen Lewis) had probably better start dusting the trophy cabinet out... If you think "Eggs" (below) was bad, just you wait...

Even in films that should have been vaguely serious - all of a sudden, my brain and mouth leap into a different plane and we have deadpan lines that corpse the cast and crew. Add Stephen (who is a cracking video partner - no pun intended at all in relation to the infamous video above ) and behold - doom!

I suppose this is really slightly bratty behaviour - perhaps I need a few more doses of the below sneak preview from a film where the only straight (faced) lines delivered were to my rear. They are quite pretty though. I'm thinking of having some more quite soon. ;)

Friday, 17 August 2007


Well, not literally! There's kinky and there's too kinky.

But seriously. Next week I am going to be treated to a veritable spanking cornucopia on my jaunt to the big smoke. Not least the Cheeky Girls party - hope they're ready for a tartan terror!

This trip heralds the new(ish) Frequent Flyer Amy - having only been able to visit London 2 or 3 times a year for the last couple of years, I'm pretty much down every month for the rest of the year. Which means more spanking, more potential naughtiness, and most importantly - the chance to see my "scene" friends more often. (I'm usually loathe to use that word, as it has odd cliquey connotations - like we have no life but being spankees, and must mention it at least once a day, else we may be proved frauds...)

Last time I saw The Girls was for Bums on the Run, and there was the bizarre stress of traversing London at 8am, on a roasting hot day, coupled with the pressure to scrub up reasonably well so that the awesome gents who had come to cheer us on weren't going to be too horrified at what we really look like straight out of bed with no make-up or hair done.
Sad, I know. But appearances must be kept up. Besides - by the half-way point, we'd pretty much melted anyway, and at the finish line I probably looked like someone's worst nightmare. But we did it.

Clearly, Amy sees a camera and is magnetised towards it by her rear... I'm proper pale, I know. But someone needs to keep up the goff side!

Anyway. This post is a bit pointless. It was really to say how much the selfless, generous actions of these friends/collegues of mine mean to me - the odd occasion when one comes across behaviour totally conflicting of these traits really hammers home how lucky you are with your lot.

And now, because I'm clearly being a big poof, and uncharacteristically serious, have some puerile nonsense!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Shooting in the frozen North!


After lurking for ages and replying on everyone's blog anonymously, I am now real. ish.

Probably won't be making that many updates, but I'll do something tomorrow.