Tuesday, 21 August 2007

No Laughing Matter

Last night whilst chatting with Lucy and Paul, one of the (several) topics of heated debate was the challenge to name a single movie I've made recently as a sub that hasn't had some comedic element, a line that made someone in the room smirk or just descended into out-and-out comedy.
We barely managed 3...

Most of the ones I protested as being perfectly serious were ones where I dommed (with a few exceptions - like the current set on NS "Mistress Idol":)

This is clearly Not Good. Unless, of course, there is an Erotic Oscar category for best pr0n comedy, in which case I (and my sparring partner Stephen Lewis) had probably better start dusting the trophy cabinet out... If you think "Eggs" (below) was bad, just you wait...

Even in films that should have been vaguely serious - all of a sudden, my brain and mouth leap into a different plane and we have deadpan lines that corpse the cast and crew. Add Stephen (who is a cracking video partner - no pun intended at all in relation to the infamous video above ) and behold - doom!

I suppose this is really slightly bratty behaviour - perhaps I need a few more doses of the below sneak preview from a film where the only straight (faced) lines delivered were to my rear. They are quite pretty though. I'm thinking of having some more quite soon. ;)

Friday, 17 August 2007


Well, not literally! There's kinky and there's too kinky.

But seriously. Next week I am going to be treated to a veritable spanking cornucopia on my jaunt to the big smoke. Not least the Cheeky Girls party - hope they're ready for a tartan terror!

This trip heralds the new(ish) Frequent Flyer Amy - having only been able to visit London 2 or 3 times a year for the last couple of years, I'm pretty much down every month for the rest of the year. Which means more spanking, more potential naughtiness, and most importantly - the chance to see my "scene" friends more often. (I'm usually loathe to use that word, as it has odd cliquey connotations - like we have no life but being spankees, and must mention it at least once a day, else we may be proved frauds...)

Last time I saw The Girls was for Bums on the Run, and there was the bizarre stress of traversing London at 8am, on a roasting hot day, coupled with the pressure to scrub up reasonably well so that the awesome gents who had come to cheer us on weren't going to be too horrified at what we really look like straight out of bed with no make-up or hair done.
Sad, I know. But appearances must be kept up. Besides - by the half-way point, we'd pretty much melted anyway, and at the finish line I probably looked like someone's worst nightmare. But we did it.

Clearly, Amy sees a camera and is magnetised towards it by her rear... I'm proper pale, I know. But someone needs to keep up the goff side!

Anyway. This post is a bit pointless. It was really to say how much the selfless, generous actions of these friends/collegues of mine mean to me - the odd occasion when one comes across behaviour totally conflicting of these traits really hammers home how lucky you are with your lot.

And now, because I'm clearly being a big poof, and uncharacteristically serious, have some puerile nonsense!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Shooting in the frozen North!


After lurking for ages and replying on everyone's blog anonymously, I am now real. ish.

Probably won't be making that many updates, but I'll do something tomorrow.