Monday, 26 November 2007

More Niki Flynn cake action:

This was requested by MysteryDave, who insisted I share the oddness with more people. Purists beware - there is no spanking in this 30 second anti-piracy film, although I am not wearing any pants, if that makes a difference.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbian spanking models...

Er yes. Last night I got naked with Niki Flynn, molested her and then licked chocolate cake off her, before sharing a gooey chocolate snog.

Pic sneak preview courtesy of the wonder that is Billy of Monkeytwizzle/Northern Spanking fame.

Ah. Except that's blood. Whoops!

Anyway. Had a lot of fun, was in a lot of pictures, and obtained 25 x my RDA of sugar in the space of an hour. All good then!

In other news - shot with Sam Johnson for Sam's Diaries last week, and was treated to giving out a hard caning to a bad bad boy on film, which was very enjoyable, as well as being spanked and caned by the legendary Sam as a poor tennis doubles partner, and a lackadasical work experience girl at the office. Then we were both spanked, slippered, caned and birched in a final schoolgirl film.

Cor, I felt the last lot! Was fantastic!


Sunday, 4 November 2007

Hey Mr Tambourine Man, spank that ass for me...

Phew, the Kane Party was awesome. Great girls, great food, great company - great fun!
The theme was 'Back to the 60s" in honour of a certain someone's 40th birthday, and there were plenty of Quant-esque minis about. Not on the boys though, that would be a bit novel at Kane!

I'll do a full review once I can get my hands on a couple of pictures. (I thought I'd better update swiftly as a certain dear Welshman requested I updated more often!!)

I got some pictures of the foot fetish party in August though - don't worry, I won't subject you spanky people to pictures of my feet!

Leia-Ann Woods, myself and Miss Cameo. Yep, I'm floating. Oddness ahoy!

Rear view. Yep, you can see a couple of cane bruises. They'll have been from the CG party the day before I expect.

Side view, with Miss Cameo and Leia-Ann. Having much fun on our trample-rug! Look how pale I am! Must get the fake tan out pronto!

All from Stiletto Foot Parties - if that's piqued your interest!

In other news; this week I doing another shoot with the legendary Sam Johnson for her site Sam's Diaries which will be a whole lot of spanking fun!

Bye for now.