Monday, 14 January 2008

Spanking BBW Preview part Two!

Well aren't you lucky?!
Here is part two of the introduction to Northern Spanking's bigger sister, Spanking BBW!

Rudeness! Tanya and Emma-Jay getting a little carried away after a sensual bubble bath spanking!

But back to the introductions - where was I? Ah yes, tantilising you with the splendid bottoms of big, curvy women!

Here is the fabulous bottom of Eve Elliot - a lifestyle submissive with a lovely full firm behind! She's just five foot tall - the same height as me!

Our saucy Spanking BBW Head Girl, Tanya, is treated to Eve OTK to be dealt with however she chooses - I can think of a few things I'd try.. :)

Yvonne York, according to her bio on the Models Page is nicknamed "Calamity", and here she is just about to have her hide tanned tremendously for turning her hubby's white shirt pink in the wash.
(I can relate to this rather too well, having done a similar thing with the posh bath towels only last week, except they're not so much pink as lilac-y dove grey. Much more interesting than white, surely? Hmmm. Yes, I know. I've been smacked for it, fret not.)

She then turns up in another set having come in drunk as the proverbial skunk, and gets a hard spanking to sober her up.

Tara Austin is the resident bit of posh - although in this pic she looks like she's taken rather a fall from grace!

Leia Fox - ah, dear Foxy! Leia has a simply cracking pair of... eyes! What? You pervs, like I'd be so uncouth as to tell you she has the best set of boobs in the world! ... You can surely see it for yourselves! :D

Foxy is a bundle of joy to work with, and has appeared on both Northern Spanking as well as being one of the sexiest girls on Spanking BBW, and she works the cheeky yet vulnerable yet wild sexpot thing very well indeed. She's all woman, that's for sure!

Another fabulous bottom belonging to a super-lovely lady is that belonging to Isabella Aubourg. Simply gorgeous waiting for her spanking here in silky undies. I tell you - the big limpid brown eyes on these two would soften even the hardest heart. Gorgeous!

Diaper position punishment for naughty nurse Izzy:

This Mediterranean beauty looks so vulnerable after being stripped for her beating - part of me feels bad, but when such a pretty shapely rear is on offer, my resolve can only last so long! :

And then, proving that you're never too young to fly the BBW flag, another fresh face from Northern Spanking, Katy-Rose James!
Despite being the youngest of our big girls, Katy still manages to get into enough trouble with Stephen Lewis (How that poor man's patience must be tried! All these ill-mannered girls, and only two hands to control them with!) when she spends rather too much of his money on rather too skimpy underwear.
Pouting and wriggling fails to get her out of a spanking and slippering, and Stephen is only too glad to redden her round rear!

So... that's an introduction to the wonder that is Spanking BBW - where you can spank those big round asses!

I'll hopefully add an update of recent highlights next month, rather like I do currently with Northern Spanking, as there were several positive comments about our big girls on the blog, and also via a few really quite enthusiastic emails! Keep them coming - I love feedback!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Spanking BBW Preview part One!

As promised, a wee introduction to Northern Spanking's bigger sister, Spanking BBW!

Spanking BBW is the home of the big, the beautiful and the very, very naughty girls you've always wanted to spank. At the moment it consists of high quality picture stories, but videos are being prepared to go online soon as well!

These curvaceous cuties are headed by sexpot Tanya Thomson, who is the BBW Head Girl.

As well as being one of the naughtiest, she definitely competes as of one of the most sexual people I have ever met; this girl loves to be spanked, and always has a dirty twinkle in her eye!

Add all that to her gorgeous ample bottom and you have a perfect package to punish.

Most of the BBW models appear on both sites, although we do have a couple of buxom beauties who are exclusive to Spanking BBW, like the mega-curvy and equally cheeky Casey Konstantine:

Emma-Jay Joyce is a veteran of the spanking, fetish and BDSM scene, and certainly no stranger to appearing in Kane magazine.
On BBW her nickname is "Pinky", and she lives up to this naughty moniker very well indeed!

I am one of the BBW Dommes, which is, obviously, a terrible hardship. So many bottoms. So much of them. So little time. *sigh*

Of course, there are more girls, and more photo scenes, and more curves to see. But that will have to wait for now - part 2 of the Spanking BBW introduction comes next week, so patience will have to be a virtue until then!