Monday, 28 April 2008

"One of the most wonderful things in nature is a glance; transcends speech; it is the bodily symbol of identity."

There's just something about the eyes, I find.

The above pic of the quite ridiculously delectable Amelia-Jane Rutherford from Northern Spanking is one of several in the same set in which she just captures the vulnerable, pleading, fearful emotions that push certainly my buttons, if not most people's.
Ok, so aesthetically she's just about perfect, which helps... But so many of Northern's recent sets have captured some fabulous glances from different beautiful ladies:

Take Jadie, for example. There's a touch of fear, a hint of anger (she had just been walloped with a tawse, to be fair) and at the same time there's a sense of resignation; her punishment has been set, so she has to complete it.

Little Kami, however, has finished her punishment and has been placed in the corner with her hands on her head and newly red bottom on display. There's relief in her eyes alongside the humiliation. But there's also the nagging fear that it might not finish there and if her punisher interprets her glance a different way (and let's be honest: as my title quote says- a glance transcends speech - but that leaves the silence open to abuse freely depending what signals each different person picks up. You may well not agree with what I see in some of these pictures. But that's only natural.) they may well decide she shows impudence or disrespect, and suddenly haul her back out of the corner for more punishment.

The effortlessly beautiful Leia-Ann has more of an air of acquiescent submission about her picture. Quietly dignified, she silently acknowledges her misdemeanours and offers her exquisite behind to Nick for punishment to satisfy him, trusting that he will only punish her as much as is needed.

Similar, then, is my expression here, in terms of needing to please. There's more apprehension here though. More fear that I will fail the test set to me by my master, and that squirmy feeling of uncertainty when you can't see what is coming for being restrained and forced to look forwards. Never knowing when the next hit will come, or what it will be with. Hand? Strap? Flogger?
(I'm also completely oblivious to the fact that I have panda eyes, which is always a good sign that I've been very involved in the scene. Or possibly that my hands were tied to the cross, so I couldn't fix it. Something like that. :p)

Again with Sarah, as with Jadie, there is an element of defiance. Although Sarah's punishment has not yet commenced, so there is more apprehension about the hard caning about to be delivered, and the mask of not caring very much about her situation that she is putting up is slipping as her gaze meets the headteacher's.

There are, of course, plenty of other pictures I could pick out of the recent updates from Northern Spanking, and, obviously, updates from last month and earlier. But I'll leave you to pick those out. ;)