Monday, 28 July 2008

Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round!

It's been a little while since I showed some yummy highlights from Northern Spanking's bigger sister, Spanking BBW, so I've selected a quick few that caught my eye particularly.

Pensive Rapper Stee-Lew and his starlet girlfriend Izzy. He's so distracted trying to write his next hit that even a pair of lovely boobs in front of him fails to capture his attention!

Luckily, Izzy's proffered bottom finally sparks some interest, and is given a lovely warming.

Emma-Jay tries to swindle her insurance to get a new TV, and is caught out by Mr Kennedy. Lucky for her, he's a reasonable man, and tells her there is still a way to get the claim approved...

It's always hard thinking of the ideal birthday present for your spouse. Not for the Spanking BBW minxes! Isabella thinks the perfect present for hubby Phil is herself and her sister dressed up as nurses, for his enjoyment all evening!

Of course, with two such beautiful curvy ladies, why hide them in uniforms? Phil has the right idea and gets them to strip off for the tawse.

And, of course, we have more naughtiness from the Spanking BBW head girl, Tanya, who is wickedly horny in this set, playing with her new big, black toy!

Giovanni is less than impressed - she said she'd wait until he was back to play with it! To add to her pent-up frustration, he straps her bottom to a vivid pink, making her even more rampant!

So as you can see, Northern Spanking's sister site may be bigger, but it's certainly not any more well-behaved!

If you want more ridiculously hot pics of larger ladies up to no good at all and being thoroughly spanked for it, then pop along to Spanking BBW and check the girls out!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Something that everyone should read... it applies to all involved in the spanking scene.

Lucy and Paul make their statement about recent affairs over on Niki's blog.

It clears up a few misconceptions and makes some truly excellent points, and is from two of the people I love the most in the world, which should be reason alone to respect it. ;)

(No pictures just now - partially because it detracts from the point a bit, and also because I've got a new hard drive and pictures require pulling out the back up!)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

No, I'M a prostitute!

I think we should have a whole Spartacus theme happening here. Or at least just willy-waving as to who is the bigger hooker.

Niki has made an excellent post on the more detailed version of what has been happening recently, should you have somehow managed to miss it because your head is up your arse or something. Rather than write my own swing on the topic, I'll direct you there instead, as there's not really much I can add.

Speaking of Niki...

Just what is Mr Lewis doing to her in this picture? Answers on a comment postcard... ;)

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Some Highlights from the NSI barn:

Well things are a teeny bit hectic now, as some of you will doubtless know. But not too busy that I can't share a couple of awesome bits from recent Northern Spanking galleries!

If you had a wish, what would it be for? Forget World Peace and all that pretentious nonsense - be selfish! Would it be for Amelia-Jane Rutherford naked in a pink sparkley foam bath?


Oh, you want her bottom, perfectly formed and with a light layer of bubbles, being spanked? Well why didn't you say?!

It's been quite a year of bright young things so far - we've somehow recruited all sorts of utterly gorgeous young fillies, all quite off their own steam (we didn't even have to bribe them!!)
The latest of these lovelies is local girl Alana Rowan, seen here pilfering Paul's private chocolate supply:

Needless to say, Paul is less than impressed...

Two of our newer - and very popular- girls are Kami Robertson and Anna Gordon. We thought we'd dress them up as nurses in black stockings and heels, and then have some horrible bitch beat them up. Consensually, obviously.

It's such a chore working for Northern Spanking, really!

Well, that's it for just now.

But look! There's something not quite Reich about this uniform! Could it be?! It MUST be a genuine uniform - the wipe-clean elements of PVC were clearly favoured about 60 years ago. Was much easier to wipe all the blood off in the trenches and everything...

And look! See how I am walking... That's CLEARLY a goose-step. Oh yes... and I'm going UP THE STAIRS! You know what that means - 60-odd years ago they had STAIRS too.

Surely THE PUBLIC (and by "Public", we mean... yes... We know what they read, anyway) have a RIGHT TO KNOW about why I am hiding my little moustache and reveling in it?

Or maybe someone is just a little insecure because many years ago in class, when the teacher asked what people wanted to be when they grew up, and he replied "An Editor of a Highly-Respected Paper, Miss!", the teacher smiled and said "Well dear, that's lovely, but we think you're more suited to calling the bingo..."

What would I know, I'm just a model!

*removes tongue from cheek*