Sunday, 2 November 2008

New Amelia-Jane Rutherford Film out this month!

I've been lucky enough to be given some preview piccies of a very exciting new film released this month at Northern Spanking!

I LOVE Amelia-Jane as both a friend and a colleague, and have been lucky enough to work with her on a few occasions now. Her performance in "Twins" over at Northern still makes me laugh out loud - although Lucy and Stephens' performances do assist there too.

Lucy and Paul say

We have a brilliant new film coming out soon, featuring *Amelia Jane Rutherford*, called "Ghastly Amelia Jane". First part will be on the site on 18th November and there will be six parts as its 55mins long! The story is that she is the stroppy and lazy daughter of the owner of a very large engineering firm and her dad has asked one of his engineers, (Paul!), to school her in electrical engineering in advance of her degree. It starts with her being dragged out of bed in her jammies, protesting ferociously and spanked. When she's eventually dressed in her school uniform her tuition doesn't go well - she's learned nothing, can get none of the answers right to very basic questions and is truly ghastly to the poor engineer throughought, being spanked again and strapped all to very little effect. It is only when she's made to touch her toes for a thorough caning that any contrition appears.

I really can't imagine Amelia being ghastly to anyone... umm... except on video. But she's so good at being ghastly that maybe she should be spared the rod for once? Don't you think?

[fx] tumbleweed [/fx]

Ah. That answered that question then!

Anyway. I am practically bouncing off the edge of my seat for this film - it has pyjama spankings AND school uniform - and could you imagine anyone looking better than her in those wonderful socks?

Get on over to Northern Spanking and get ready for a treat! OK, you have to wait a week or two, but in the meantime we have two brilliant films of her (including the quite fabulous "Amelia-Jane, get out of that bath!" - naked splendour ahoy!) and photosets, and, of course, the guest film from Restrained Elegance where she appears as Ariel Andersson, whom I have also worked with. ;)

Oh, and there's also frightening numbers of films with other models in, including the newest addition to the Northern Spanking family, 18 year old Irelynn, in her first film:

Can you tell whose house that is from the subtly coloured furniture? Clashes terribly with her fiery bottom though. I should spank her for that myself!


Wow! I've had three fab parties over the last week. Sam Johnson's being the first - and the one I've managed to procure some piccies from!
As a special Hallowe'en type thing myself, Ms Johnson and the rather fabulous Aleesha were little red devils, with the aid of the rather subtly titled "Instant Devil Kit", consisting of horns, tails, forks and bow ties - Beelzebub meets the Chippendales on the way to a dinner party, kind of thing...

Here, not in any way predictably, are our bottoms:

Here, slightly less predictably, are our bottoms again:

"Ah ha!" I hear you cry (somewhat electronically) "Woman where she belongs, on hands and knees scrubbing the floor!"
Well possibly, but probably not the attire normally attributed to the housewife stereotype.

Yes, we are cleaning up in that picture. Why? Well... a certain culprit, known as Bolly Boy, managed to drop a full bottle of champagne that he'd just opened onto the floor.
In the chaos ensuing, I'm sure we should have maybe had a representative from Dulux there, as the coverage of floor, walls, radiator, chairs and people's legs was remarkable. There has to be a new product in there for ease of painting.

I would point out that Aleesha is rather conspicuously missing from that shot. I think she heard the commotion and hid in the bathroom!

As the evening was marking the birthday of the lovely Mr A, there was cake (oh yes, and chocolate cake at that. JOY!) and Sam also asked if I'd give her a quick hand administering his present from us - a cane stroke for every year.
As I am a lady of much discretion (unlike others currently in the press) I will refrain from divulging just how many we gave, but it was quite a blistering set, as I'd not caned anyone since the judicial afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and was dying to give some stripes out - I'm so generous!

After that was the Secretarial Sauciness of the Moonglow Party, and then the Naughtiest Nurses you ever did see at Kane, which also had a birthday boy, Mr S, who also got a few strokes of the cane at the end, but more as a torturous right of passage than a present. I'd love to say we were all kind with our allocated single stroke each, but... well. You do have a very heavy hand, my darling, and you had just beaten us all so very hard... ;)

I signed several copies of the magazine - my white shirt makes an excellent little notepad! I was also massively impressed with the food. Having recently had to move from the previous Kane venue, which was known for having the best party food about, I didn't think we'd get anywhere near as tasty, but it was a pretty damn good spread, and... there was chocolate cake. JOY!

I had to dash off afterwards to get to a gym class, so missed the normal debauchery in the pub afterwards. Hopefully I'll get to stay a bit longer after the Christmas Party on the 11th of December.

On a completely unrelated note: I found this at the train station the other day and just had to take a picture. Has she made her escape from Bars and Stripes? !

Coming up tomorrow - a terribly exiting preview of Northern Spanking's next AMELIA-JANE RUTHERFORD film.

In the meantime, if you need a really good chuckle, check out Northern's "Makeover Madness", the first part of which is out now. I only saw this for the first time today, and normally cannot abide watching myself in films. Yes, it's another comedy, and I pretty much excel myself in it, as does the gorgeous and very game Jadie.
The second part, out this week, is a little more serious, and really quite sexy, from what I remember of the filming, two years ago! The idea was thought up by the ever-legendary Stephen Lewis, who had to lock himself in the kitchen during the filming of the first part as he kept laughing.

Cruel man. And there was me getting my bottom thoroughly reddened by someone who somehow managed to remain deadpan despite looking like an orgy in a candyfloss factory.