Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Season's Beatings...

... and all the other tired CP-esque festive greetings. I think I may have heard them all, but do feel free to think of any particularly clever, witty ones that you feel I may appreciate. ;)

Just popping on here inbetween dealing with Christmas, which is, as normal, fairly beset by disaster and a spot of death - not mine just yet though, you'll be no doubt delighted to hear.

As you'll see on the Northern Spanking Christmas Special, we are indeed also in the swing of the season, even if that swing is Hywel's right arm...

Yes, we spent much time shooting the marvellous Amelia-Jane Rutherford in the last couple of weeks, and one of those films, incredibly, is being released pretty much straight away (baring in mind that normally things that go up can be around 2 years old by the time they make it onto the sit) - possibly because we didn't already have a Christmas Special, due to various factors.

She plays a vile-natured glamour model, shooting alongside Syra Garcia, and is spanked by her real life (My Goodness! We have those?!) other half, Hywel, who shoots an awful lot of glamour models, so doubtless got some sort of pent-up anger release out of this video.

The second part goes up, appropriately tomorrow, on Northern Spanking - not to be missed over your mince pie and cheeky sherry, or maybe that's just me.

I just had a small fit of nostalgia looking at the Christmas specials from previous years, a couple of which feature myself, looking ridiculously young - we had the Christmas Panto a couple of years ago:

- Which I suspect may have been the start of the descent into the more surreal genre of films we've (*cough* I've) been known to make. But it is rather funny, and is indeed the film that caused Lucy to wet herself laughing during an outtake, so do check it out and see if you can work out where. If not, I think the outtakes were put up on the site at some point, so you can probably grab them there if you don't have the DVD of Joy.

Then there was the slightly disturbing "Christmas present" of sisters the previous year - several mens' fantasies it may be, but it's not mine! Still, it contains a couple of these, frankly bizarre, tandem spanking pictures which we had a lot of fun doing, and just prove how bad an idea red fishnet is!

Ah well... it's nice to see older pictures of yourself. Sometimes.

Or maybe not.

*books new year botox*

Of course, I may well sometimes appear on other sites at Christmas, like
Spanked At Home

- we picked up the hats and the Gluhwein mugs at the Weinachtsmarkt the night before, so it was quite a genuine Christmassy shoot, unlike the ones you often find yourself doing in June, such as the Northern Spanking Christmas Special from last year, "There ain't no Sanity Clause."

As Lucy discovered - it's really rather hard to find a suitable Father Christmas beard in summertime. As for a non-crotchless santa suit, well, that's just impossible. Everyone loves a crotchless Santa!

Have a fab Holiday season, folks, and I will catch you in the New Year.



Friday, 5 December 2008

Black thigh-day

Cor, I've been really rather busy recently. Sorry about that, folks.

So what's new? Well. I've done a couple of shoots for different websites to the ones I was already appearing on - World Domination is truly at hand.

I do like shooting (well, I like firing things as well, but in this case I do actually mean filming) - but it does amuse me sometimes how glam some people think it is. If only they could see you pulling your back muscles for a pose, having to walk across the garden with your 6 inch heels in your hand so you don't aerate someone's lawn too much, having your underwear fished out of your arse crack and adjusted because your hands are held somewhere, or having to pull the cameraperson out of some tiny space they managed to wedge themselves into to get the perfect shot.

Generally, to be a decent spanking model, you will need to be able to do good make-up for camera, both natural and "evening" style. Hair is a good bonus. For a big number of companies, they are not remotely interested in what your head looks like, and wouldn't even notice if you had eyeliner smeared all over your face - so if you want to come off looking ok you'll need to be able to Do Things. And do them reasonably fast.
I invariably, if I'm traveling same day to a shoot, batter my way onto a train, have a cup of tea (if there's time) and then try to at least get my make-up base done, if not all of it - I'll often leave a train looking completely different to how I got on. My l33t skills are now so good that I can do full eye make-up in a matter of minutes on a bouncy train. Hardcore...

Clothes. You need a lot. I'll repeat that in bold: a lot. Not just cute little skirts and plenty of panties, although they'll get you some of the way. Before I moved down south I had a whole room full of things I've worn in videos. And shoes, obviously. The sheer amount that found its way to a charity shop when I cleared my house was staggering. And I still have a good two wardrobes' worth now, which gets added to (and sometimes pruned) weekly, usually out of - yup - charity shops. It took me a couple of years to start seriously amassing things. You start to look ahead to what you'll need as stock items - short skirts/dresses, jenas, various tops/shirts, including a couple of white school shirts, couple of business suits or similar (usually needed more if you're domming in things), sensible shoes, less sensible shoes, downright dangerous shoes, knee boots... and as for underwear... Just buy it. And lots of it.
My stocking collection is starting to frighten me a little. Before this year I'd have never even considered owning and wearing proper f/f nylons, as I'd have balked at the cost, for a start.

Dragging a suitcase full of various selections of the above around the city/country/continent/world is also no fun. Especially on rush hour trains.

You'll then arrive - possibly made-up, possibly not - flustered, sweaty (which is a nightmare beyond belief if you've needed to fake-tan before the shoot. That's a whole new paragraph.) and probably in dire need of tea/breakfast/cigarettes/chocolate. Sometimes you might get one or more of those essentials. Quite often, however...

I do like shoots where I get fed at some point. My first Girls Boarding School shoot, a few years ago, had a scene where I got to break a glass while eating kinder chocolate. Method acting was employed there, I can tell you. I had to force that tasty little bar down my neck. And then finished it while we had to cut and clean up the glass from around my stockinged feet. Brill.

All the while, you can't forget that it's a job. Yes, sometimes you get the chance to play out your fantasies, and that's great. But it's pretty rare on the whole. You have to do what the people who are paying you want, even if you could cheerfully pull out your toenails rather than do another contrite schoolgirl sans homework... I get a bit concerned to hear about people who simply must achieve "sub-space" from all their shoots. You can't get that involved and be a good model. It's not the right arena for it, in any case.
Yes, you can have very intense, very enjoyable, very "real" scenes on film. But if you take it so far that it's going to adversely affect other people, or the filming, then you should probably be exploring that side of things in your private life...


Last week I followed the footsteps of Pandora and Leia-Ann and went to shoot with Punishment Bitch.

I had a super day - Sonia is such a vibrant, wicked lady, and I found myself quite fascinated with her. (I also think her main site, Lady Sonia is hot as hell, although I did manage to not express my appreciation in too vociferous a way.)
I pulled out the 4 pairs of very different high heels I'd brought with me, and we cooed briefly over them, before Sonia exclaimed with delight that she had some f/f coloured stockings to match two of the pairs of shoes. And oh yes she did. I have hot pink, navy and sky blue RHT stockings, which I'd not taken with me that day, but she had cerise and electric blue with contrast black seams and tops, and they looked awesome with the matching heels. So awesome, in fact, that she said I should keep them.
Which is why my collection is growing at a fairly frightening rate.

We shot some really rather sexy stuff, and it was just wonderfully different to a standard spanking shoot. I can't wait to go back!

Not, of course, that a standard spanking shoot is anything particularly bad. My second shoot last week was for an offshoot of the GBS family - Spanked At Home.
I can't say I've had many other shoots so beset by mild disasters, but it was a lot of fun, and my German got a good outing. In fact, we did most of a scene in it. Mach es dir selber, NOTW...

I think one of my favourite shooting moments of the whole year was during this shoot. We were just finishing the first video, which ended with me protesting, crying out and generally shouting that I didn't understand what the big scary German was saying to me (which is hard, when you do.) and Alex had finished paddling me. He unceremoniously plonked the big wooden paddle on my back, where I was bent over with my jeans around my ankles, and stormed out of the room to leave me in disgrace. Except... as he went out of the door, he suddenly uttered "Umm, hallo....", clearly not to any of us in the room. There then followed a conversation, clearly with a gruff male.
Horrorstruck glances were exchanged in the room as I scrambled for my jeans, then the camera operator also went out. She came back in shortly afterwards, desperately trying not to shriek laughing: the flat we had rented for the shoot was in the middle of being renovated, and the landlord had clearly figured that we wouldn't mind if the handyman came around to fix various things. Of course, he had his own keys...
I popped out to introduce myself and at least show him that I wasn't there against my will, and he just shrugged acceptance and went back to his work. We ended up with two maintenance men working in there - presumably number 1 called his friend and told him the porn-tastic news. The Spanked At Home team were really quite embarrassed by the whole thing. I just laughed. The rest of the day involved a slightly bizarre symbiotic relationship with the mechanics, as we would shoot a scene of spanking porn, complete with me making rather a lot of noise, and then they would drill for a while.

I had a wicked time; German is probably one of my better languages, after English, Scottish and Lucy (believe me, "Lucy" is a hard hard language to master. Few understand it, fewer speak it.) although it's far from fluent, and at 5.30am GMT in a large German airport Amy is not at her best to speak English, let alone something else. Challenging!

The fabulous titular pun of this post, of course, doesn't entirely relate to the credit crunch, but rather my rear post-Germany.

Er, ouch. Although those pics really don't have a lot of contrast or detail in them, being a camera phone. It's damn hard to picture your thighs at that angle. Thankfully I found my digital camera charger today finally, so I'll be able to take more normal pictures at some point.

I was going to make this post the night before the Cheeky Girls Party yesterday, as an exercise in "Where not to hit Amy tomorrow", however time as ever intervened, and I had to go and wear some of my longest f/f stockings to try and cover it up. I was then promptly poked on it several times by people saying "Oh my WORD, who did that to you??!" Which is a bit counter-productive, as my explanation is masked a little by my trying not to maim and kill you. OW! (Yes, it's just at that lovely healing stage where every touch prickles.)

The party itself was fab - and we had a Christmas dinner to boot. The first of the season! Splendid. Hopefully we'll have some pictures soon as the girls looked great, but you'll just have to wait. :) I met a big fan of mine, who wants to be known as "The Foreigner" on my blog, but I'm afraid that doesn't really narrow it down at all dear, so you'll probably have to stick with Baby Bear! ;)
I also got to dish out a wickedly hard cold caning for a cheeky boy who was leaving early and was worried he was going to go without getting a thrashing. Never one to let that public service go unfulfilled, I stepped in. What a chore!

Next week is the Kane Kristmas party which is fully booked, so get on the reserve list if you didn't get in fast enough.

Cripes. It's 3am, so I better get to bed.

Bye for now!