Friday, 9 January 2009

Go West! Er. No... I mean East!

As you may have gathered, myself and Pandora were shipped out on a plane this week to shoot for Spanking Server/Pain4fem.

As you may have also gathered, we made it back alive, which is a relief, given all our jokes about making a third sequel to Tarantino and Roths' Hostel, which is famously set in Bratislava and features much violence and screaming.

We didn't quite make it back unscathed. However, we didn't expect to. So that is probably ok. We had quite a few new experiences, mostly captured on film. I kept trying to remember that I needed to speak in English in the films, despite the quite strong reaction to lapse into German, however shite my grammar is.

Much back whipping was probably my main new experience. By Jove, it's sore.
The famed Spanking Machine made a few appearances, which was both fascinating, terrifying and almost compulsive in its clinical applications. Pandora experienced it before me, but had no time to tell me exactly what it was like before it was my turn to be tied down and await something that had a more menacing sound than anything someone would ever wield.
The agonising seconds before the first stroke of the machine were hideous and exquisite. It was like a rollercoaster; I knew what the results were, from watching Pandora's go, but I didn't know what the sensation and experience would be like.
Too long passed before that first squeal of the whip coming down onto my bottom. The noise of the machine and of the whip's air resistance made me almost unaware that I'd been struck, until the pain cut through. There was also the acute awareness that if I jiggled around too much then there would be no way the machine would compensate for it.

The Spanking Server guys were superb throughout - even though every time we used one of the infamous pieces of Spanking Furniture they had to add a box or some adjustment for the mini person. I'm not sure they've had anyone my height work for them before, but even in my 6 inch heels I had to have a special box to stand on for the back whipping, and extra links in my cuffs. Oh, the shame...

The whole of the first day's shoot had that slight ominous feel about it, given that we were acutely aware we'd be shooting the P4F movie the next day. We were shown some of the caning section from the Flynnster's movie with them, and both fell briefly silent at the demonstration of the "extra hard" strokes.
I wasn't particularly nervous, but probably didn't help Pandora's nerves with my jocular interjections at meal times, or up in our bedroom.

The actual film was a massive experience. You don't get an adjective in there. It was that massive. Spanking Server had already decided on the film story and characters, and both of us, but myself especially, were cast against type in terms of what we'd normally gravitate towards when given an improvisation situation, and this twist and challenge on the acting front instantly grabbed me. I was crying well before we broke for lunch, about 3 hours before I'd receive any punishment.
I was really concerned that they would be a bit annoyed with me, because I knew that when I got up there and the cane started to fly, I'd withdraw again and dry up - I've never actually cried in a punishment. Partially because normally it'd be on film, and if I'm concentrating on working and how I'm looking, I'm not going to be crying, and also because I'm naturally stoic/plotting my revenge whilst I'm being beaten.

However I took a different approach and buckled down into pushing the acting, and ended up sobbing so much before I was even strapped down, that the production team were looking rather worried. Maybe they thought I was going to genuinely flip on them, I don't know. I found it rather amusing. I think they did too, but only between takes when I was being normal Amy, and not hysterical terror Amy.

I went first for the caning, which meant poor Pandora had to watch. Not only that, she had to watch from the side, in our cell; so she was trapped, with a clear view of how hard the cane was coming down, and not much of a view of how much bottom I had left. Five of my sentence were the "extra hard" ones, and nothing upon nothing could have prepared me for them. I don't think trying to describe them would do the experience any justice, so you'll just have to watch them when it comes out.
I wouldn't have blamed Pandora for declining any extra hard ones after having witnessing them being delivered. I saw her final one from the side whilst I was in the cell, and wondered how my legs hadn't been sheared straight off. ;)

My ass, sadly, came off slightly less dramatically than Pandora's - too many factors could have affected that to blame any one thing. I had a higher tolerance level at the start of the shoot, and I'd been taking some arnica starting the day before the shooting, to prepare for the bruising, and I'd also had probably nearly an hour's break and some aloe vera applied by the time we took the pictures back up in the bedroom after Pandora's caning (which was the end of the film) P also had a wee bit of bruising from shooting the day before, which probably won't have appreciated being caned all that much!
Nonetheless, it was the hardest caning I have ever taken by a long shot. Especially cold.

Today - or, indeed, from a few hours afterwards, I have a pretty black right cheek already, but the left's bruising has yet to come through - it's very deep, so might not appear for a day or two. Whilst I'd love for the current lines and spectrum of purples thereof to be a mark of honour for a wee while, I do need it to die down fairly swiftly due to possible semi-clad interaction with someone of the R/L variety. Damn this double life.

Pandora said in her write up that I was remarkably calm and composed in the aftermath. Which is sort of true, but doesn't mean I wasn't in pain. Actually, an almost equal amount of my pain was coming from the killer, killer headache one can only get from extreme sobbing over a period of nearly 4 hours, and neither of us - get this - had brought any painkillers whatsoever. (and those of you who know why I need painkillers on a normal day will probably boggle a bit at that, especially given the whole being tied to high things)
I did get a bad crash after the adrenaline had departed, but I think that's pretty par for the course after that amount of pain and emotion. I expected to be quite traumatised today, but I seem to have absorbed it in much the same way I deal with other extreme situations, so actually my main problem has just been the knackeredness from the early starts and dragging heavy cases about, and the soreness from my ass, back, shoulders and head.

Gosh, I'm tired. I think that's all I can write just now - needless to say, the results of the shoot will be available on Spanking Server and Pain 4 Fem in the next month or two. Who knows if the screen version will manage to capture what we experienced - we've both said we're a tad reluctant to watch the P4F when it comes out. Mainly due to the amount of crying, for my part, but there's a big mix of conflicting emotions there, and not just the ones in which I constantly criticise how I look.

To bed, to bed, there's knocking in my head.