Sunday, 22 February 2009

In dem schatten meiner... Arsch

Due apologies to Heyse. And most likely Germany also.

For, 'lo, the week came upon us in which Amy the Intrepid took a choice selection of panties, and likewise some splendid shoes, and didst place them within a case of burnished polypropylene.

Yes, to balance out my internal compass, after going East, it only makes sense that I go West for real this time, and am again heading out to the far flung Western States of the United variety.

I'll be doing a little shooting, and a little (more) misbehaving - fortuitously cumulating in a few days in Sin City just at the same time as the Shadowlane Vendors' fayre and party. If you've been hankering after a signed DVD, or just advice on a troublesome skin complaint, come and find me there at the Northern Spanking stand!


Monday, 16 February 2009

Getting away from it all...

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Friday, 13 February 2009

Flagello Ex Machina

No doubt many of you will have already seen Pandora's post about Spanking Server putting our films with the Spanking Machine online, but if you've missed it, here are a couple of pics from my sets.

This was the first taste of the machine that we had, and, going second, I had the nerve-wracking joy of watching Pandora take her punishment, and, more importantly, hearing Pandora take her set.
There's that slightly clich├ęd act of whipping the cane through the air instead of making the stroke, which can sometimes be quite effective and make the spankee quiver and jump, and sometimes just be a bit cringe-worthy, but that sound pales in comparison with the machine's action. Hoorah for whips. And Hoorah for scary machines.

OMG teh Amy and her BAZOOMBAS. Yes, thankyou, I've seen them on a few occasions now. What you can't see in that particular pic is the box they brought out specially for me to stand on. In my 6 inch heels. With the extra links in the cuffs. Ach...

I'm liking the new front page for Spanking Server though - now you can choose which site of theirs to visit from the main Diseno Media page, which is a lot more comprehensive than before. If you have a quick gander at the Falaka site from there, you may catch a pic of me on the front page having my footsies battered. Youch.

Don't worry. I do just as much work dishing it out. Just not always on the same shoot! Here's a new one I just noticed over at Vixen Ladies

Poor young man. Double-teamed by Miss Lina and Miss Amy. 'Tis a hard life when you're a naughty boy, eh?

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Brief Banter from a Blonde

So a month ago I was out shooting for Spanking Server/Pain 4 Fem and had already - back in December - decided to take at least the rest of January "off" from doing any submissive work. Partially for the sake of my behind, as I'm in no hurry to get a weak spot, and also to give me a bit of a break after a manic December.

I'm still going to be be having a fairly quiet February due to a big shoot commitment at the end of the month - cripes, it's a short month, isn't it? Have to step up my workout routine I think!

I'm currently languishing with a cold, which is an annoyance, as I'd watched everyone else be stricken with it once or twice over the last few months, and managed to keep my Vicks First Defence levels up enough to stave it off. However, I think I got a bit cocky and lax last week, and was suddenly hit by it earlier this week. Curses. A curry seemed to help ease some of it, (along with several different types of drug...) although I think it wasn't particularly appreciated by the people I hung out with the next day - apparently I was emitting wafts of onion and garlic. Not that I could really tell.

Hmmm.... Anyway. It's not that bad. And I'm holed up at a friend's place in the warm, with a Kir Royale on the go. And cake. Oh yes. Happy Amy.

Where've I cropped up on the 'net recently then?

Well, obviously Northern Spanking has had a couple of sets of me go up.

"29 for Amy the Maid" features - incredibly! - myself receiving the cane for hoovering up Stephen's cufflinks. Much fun was had with that hoover, I can tell you. There's talk on the comment board at Northern that it's not a plausible film due to the ease with which I utilised the telescopic attachment on the hoover, but I did, in fact, do all my own stunts! ;)

There's also one of the newer Northern HD films, which is actually the results of behind-the-scenes naughtiness from none other than Miss Sascha Harvey! We'd left the cameras running after the previous film, when Sascha decided that she'd just not been beaten enough, and asked if there was any chance she could get a quick seeing to whilst we set up for the next films.
Never ones to turn a lady in need down, we only too gladly obliged!

Blimey - that 3rd glass of Kir Royale is really hitting the spot, so I should probably leave you before I start channelling Keats or something.

It would appear that Bars And Stripes has had a bit of a make-over - just looking at my inmate profile, and was really quite tickled to see that I've clearly had an addition to one of my tattoos whilst I've been banged up. I wonder who did it? My money's on Flynn. We can blame everything on her - she's the prison nutter! ;)

I also just noticed that - at the time of writing - Strict Women have someone rather familiar on their title page. Yes, my latest film is out with them just now, and I'm once again firmly spanking some naughty bottom - what a terrible chore!

I'm also currently in one of the most recent films over at Spanked At Home, in which I get a nasty caning for writing a letter home saying just what is happening to me in Germany. Whilst it's not lies, Alex is unimpressed that I don't seem to appreciate the discipline he's giving me during my stay. As such, I have to write a new letter - whilst being caned. Harsh!

Right - there's a mini lemon cake with my name on it! Bye for now!