Tuesday, 21 April 2009

On Laughter being the best medicine...

(... apart from Tramadol, possibly... oh, and Calpol. Mmmm, Calpol. And Buttercup Syrup.)

Thank you all for your well wishes in comments, email and text form - very much appreciated. I am very much on the road to recovery and my caning shoulder/arm has not been affected adversely, you will all be doubtless delighted to hear. (I was also delighted to "hear" it. Swishing many times over the last few days... bwahaha...)

I just downloaded Chapter two of Northern Spanking's latest Celtic Corrections film, "Chemistry", and have probably now woken up the neighbours howling with laughter.

As you probably know, the Celtic Corrections series consists of longer length films, with quite significant plots. They're not nearly as epic as Wheatley Manor (more on that soon), but they're definitely longer than most other spanking/fetish films out there. I think I've posted pictures from some of the previous titles - Injustice, The Australian Governess and Student of Discipline.
In "Chemistry", I play a student who struggles with her lessons - or more aptly, her teacher - and receives a nasty spanking and tawsing for messing up a chemistry experiment. Her teacher informs her she will amount to nothing - at which we find her, 15 years later, leading the world in Chemical research.

I remember filming this quite vividly, but as it was a few years ago, I'd forgotten some of the details. Like the Timotei scene. Lucy already knew what she was going to do with it in post-production, but nothing prepared me for watching it. Especially watching Stephen's face throughout. Genius.

Oh, and there'll be plenty of spanking in Chapter two as well, in the next update.

But more erotic spanking, rather than the "punishment and weeping" spanking of Chapter one.

Something for everyone. Except maybe the Furries. Sorry, Furries. I thought I had an old picture there of me being spanked by Baloo the bear, but sadly with the new Hard Drive it's gone walkabout. I'm sure there'll be something appropriate soon...

This weekend I had another shoot with the naughty boys at Strict Women - another great day of being quite, quite wicked, and also a rather nice opportunity to tawse both Mike and Dave on their hands whilst they stood together. Such a chore, huh?! I'm sure I'll have pictures to show you at some point, but in the meantime, at the Fem Dom Spanking Blog there's a write-up of the shoot and some details of the previous films I've done with them, and this lovely fan-sign, complete with a cowering man at my feet, and my favourite cane in my hands - bliss! All I need now is a tray of sushi, some chocolate-dipped fruit, and a nice bottle of bubbly, and that's a pretty good night in! ;)

Oh bloody hell it's 2am again. Up the wooden hill!

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Apologies for not being around much just now; en route to the Northern Spanking Shoot, I had a rather nasty motorway crash involving a left-hand-drive lorry and the Amy Car of Doom.
The ACoD lost, bizarrely enough, after being slammed across two lanes of the M1 into the central reservation. Major woe followed for the rest of the day. Amusingly, my first text to Lucy, about 30 minutes after it happened, read "Had crash on M1. Polish Lorry driver hit me and I went into central res. Will let you know asap how I'm getting to you. May involve trains. x"

Oddly enough, my sister's primary concern was not that I was going to be late for the shoot...

After a rather fraught 7 hours, I was back in London. Details of how this was achieved should probably not be shared too widely. Shock is a grand little invention.
Another 5 hours passed, and I was out of hospital, with a confirmed unbroken neck, lots and lots of excellent drugs, and two Whiplash guidebooks. FNARR.

I still went to the shoot though, albeit a day late. I'm not missing out on 4 new bottoms to play with.

We had an awful lot of fun, and some fabulous food on our post-shoot evenings out. Six of us may now be banned from an entire county in the UK, for crimes against fashion and/or distressing farmers, but we got some extremely awesome new material, which I may share with you at a later date.

Right. Back to sifting through insurance things and doing hourly neck exercises.

The utter glamour of being a top spanking model. Sheesh... ;)

(I incidentally apologise to those of you who have added me on either MySpace or Facebook. I have to juggle things like this a bit, and they do fall to the wayside a little. You're not missing much, honest - you probably get a lot more information from here!)