Sunday, 31 May 2009

A lovely person who comes to play with me sometimes, Mr M, commented in our fabulously fun session on Friday that I seem to only update immediately after he's come to see me.
Naturally, therefore, I felt compelled to leave it a couple of nights and see if it threw him. ;)

Yes, for those of you who asked, I made it round the 5K without death actually occurring. In fact, I did very nearly keel over in the last Kilometer due to various health issues, but carried on walking, and still finished in just under 30 mins, so presumably did the first 4K at a ridiculous pace. Nonetheless, I finished it with a sprint, and then spent 30 minutes trying to regain any feeling in my feet or ankles, which had gone completely numb. Handy!

So yes... Anyway. Last week I was lucky enough to shoot for the team at Strict Miss, and was actually quite delighted when my hapless victim turned up for one set wearing the most wonderful blue striped pyjamas.

It was like battering Andy Pandy. Wicked! (I never did like Andy Pandy. Can you tell? Suddenly a whole new idea has entered my bizarre little head for Looby Loo spanking Andy Pandy. I'm sure Northern Spanking would never even consider something like that though. It'd just be silly!...)

I obviously just gave him a gentle handspanking, for, as a woman, I am quite a wuss. I was actually being pretty nice in these - some of the films we made I was a bit less nice. Like in the short sharp shock kind of film of six of the best in which I was wearing the sort of outfit I couldn't even begin to think of wearing to actually go riding...

Seems to be pretty effective visually though!

In other World Domination Attempts, I've been on Spanking Server again recently, in a spanking from Peter over some cake. I think.

I love the pics they took of us. The lighting is just so different to everywhere else I've shot and gives both myself and Pandora eerie, uber-blue eyes.

After the experiences on the Spanking Machine, I was foolishly expecting a hand spanking might be a bit less intense, but as you can see, it was actually quite a hard one. Peter was giving it so hard in this clip that he ended up sweating buckets afterwards. I'm sure Ms Blake was delighted he was exhausted shortly before shooting her spanking clip! :D

It's a tricky business of concentrating, this modelling lark. ;)

I sometimes get asked if, as a model, I ever sit down to watch my films. The short answer is yes. I especially like to see ones from a little while ago that I've forgotten a little - I wrote recently about the hair flicking scene in Northern Spanking's Chemistry, but actually didn't watch the rest of the film.

It's... really quite something. It's not a punishment film, so those of you who want to see me sobbing and begging for mercy should go elsewhere, but it's one of the films in which I've done rather more erotic reactions, and is purposefully quite cheesy in places. I come out with lines that I didn't even know I knew. Genius.
It works though, and there's some gorgeous imagery.

Like that. Mmmm, ass. Oh, hang on, that's a bit narcissistic, isn't it?

In the same evening (Myself and my sister with vodka tonics and olives, if you must know. Laughing rather a lot) I watched a recent film, Maison Amelia. In a bid to obtain a stereotypical portrayal of an Essex hair salon, Lucy actually researched, and found that a frightening proportion of small town hairdressers in Essex have the prefix "Maison." I love it.

This film was also awesome in that long-suffering, most-hated-man-on-the-internet, George-Clooney-lookalike, Stephen Lewis, actually allowed a couple of spanking models to take pot-shot chunks out of his barnet. For real.

Brave or foolish. You decide...

After dealing with the ditzy do'-destroyer, Syra, (including using the spray to an inspired advantage!) Amelia offers to fix Mr Lewis' bonce with a fabulous directional cut. We're not sure which direction that would be...

Then of course the spankee of the year 2008 ( Officially ) gets her behind thoroughly tanned as well.

Right, that's your lot for now. We're getting so much sun here in London that I'm quite puddled, so sleep beckons.


Saturday, 9 May 2009

A pre-midnight update? Never!

Yes, it appears that I am managing a brief blog update before the witching hour, for the first time in, well, a long time. (Although from having looked at the times on the last few, I've managed it quite a lot. I suspect much of this is that the time it publishes is the time you start, not the time you finish...)

The reason for this is that I am going to try and get some sleep soon, as I'm (highly inadvisably, I should add) running a charity 5K tomorrow morning.
No, this doesn't mean the whiplash is better yet. It's actually worse, but I think that's how these things work as you treat them - as the muscles get persuaded back to their proper places, the pain gets much more intense.

Anyway. Great idea, Amy...

I've never actually run 5K - when we did Bums on the Run a few years ago, there were so many folk injured that it mostly ended up being just walking. My original training plan was to work up to doing it, but then the crash put paid to that a little, and lost me any progress I'd made. So this week has been the first week back at trying to run, and it's pretty hideous.

Ah well. I'm sure they have ambulances on site. It'll be fine. I'm sure.

After my last entry talking about the Strict Women shoot, the guys were good enough to send me a few pics from the shoot, so here they are.

Wielding a big stick of doom. Obviously I wouldn't dream of using it. Oh no...

I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the rotator cuff and biceps of a pro-wrestler... (apologies, Liz)

I'm pleased to see that my film I made for Clare Fonda on Girl Spanks Girl is up - starring myself, Sarah Gregory, Andi Switch and the legendary Ms Fonda, it features lots of OTK hand and hairbrush spanking, and plenty of sore bottoms.

Here's some stills:

Clare laying on some serious spanking on my poor behind! She was such a blast to work with - and looked awesome in this dress!

Sarah and I doing some corner time, after our second spanking, this time from Andi.

The hairbrush - I thought I was going to get away with it, as Andi had broken her hairbrush on Sarah's bottom only minutes previously. Clare immediately offered the services of her Mason Pearson. Gee, thanks!

Of course, Clare wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to spank another new girl whilst in Vegas, so Andi got a good walloping too.

The film is called "Mothers and Daughters 09" and is online at Girl Spanks Girl now.
This was the shoot in which the security guard interrupted us mid-film to tell us that the downstairs neighbours had complained we were "jumping up and down or something." We didn't actually get to see him to invite him in to play, as Clare quickly secreted us all in a bedroom, but he sounded very sorry to have to relay this information to us, and added that "Hey man, it's Vegas in the day... do what you have to do..." So we continued filming, and just tried to remember to kick the floor less. Which, of course, meant that it happened about twice as often as normal. Jeeeez...

Finally, I just wanted to share a couple of pics of one of my favourite new models on Northern Spanking - Lottie - who has her film debut this week.
She's lovely and leggy, and super pretty to boot - look at those doe eyes!

And I think this may be one of my favourite posterior-pictures for some time. I don't know why. There's just something so delightful about the rucking of the knickers and the way she's standing.


Right, bed time.