Thursday, 11 June 2009


Just in case you were having problems showing up marks as distinctly as you build up a tolerance, why not try getting it inked on your ass forever?

Yeah. I saw a link to The Independent's Most Bizarre Tattoos on a body art forum I read, and as I found a PHIL tattoo (see link), felt compelled to immediately send it to Northern Spanking HQ

I don't even think that PHIL is my favourite out of those. It might be the Owl with Tits, actually.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Some highly naughty pictures from Sam Johnson's Birthday Party

Ah yes. Some of the incriminating pictures have finally appeared. The legendary Sam Johnson and her equally legendary Limo party.

We'd just been caned here, in case you couldn't tell by the lines. We note Sam's fabulous pirate plaster. I am honestly not so much confused and slightly blotto as finding neck movement slightly limited. Thanks, Mr Whiplash.

Now here.... Here I am pretty much hammered. As is Johnson. I'm reasonably sure there were Quite A Lot of pictures taken at this point in time. I imagine that the members of Sam's Diaries are probably seeing a few more, as are the lucky boys from the party, who may well now have this kind of thing as their screensaver on their phones...

Or, perhaps, something from the Girl Sex incident. *ahem* Just how happy is the lucky boy we are making out on? I'll tell you: Extremely. (Said Lucky Boy is also happy to appear in pictures. We did check. Hell, who wouldn't be? ;p)
I particularly like the red laser beam on my face. It adds a certain Bladerunner feel to it. If, in fact, Bladerunner were actually a hyper-porno. I also especially like how Leia-Ann is clutching her champagne glass for dear life, just in case anyone would try to steal it.

There you go. Now those of you glued to the Twitter updates from the party have accompanying visuals. ;) Well. Some.