Monday, 20 July 2009

If in doubt, resort to Nekkid.

I can't believe no-one has commented on the last post yet! What is wrong with you?! I spent minutes on that, MINUTES!

Pandora recently set a challenge of sorts, to recreate the Vilena pose as a kind of spanking model meme.

You can see her attempts on her post. This is my "midnight after a crazy day on 3 hour's sleep" attempt. Yeah yeah, red eye - like you're looking at that!

Don't say I'm not good to you. Sometimes. ;)

Friday, 17 July 2009

...I think she thought "bukkake" was what the army librarians wear...

As I was dashing through the snow Paddington Station today, I saw a poster that made me GUFFAW. So I obviously stopped and took a quick picture of it to share its sheer wisdom and insight. ;)



Screw it, why stop at the painting?!

Much better!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

And then they made me their king

Now you see; with the whole Twitter thing, it's much easier for me to update things. However, it does rather mean that you don't get any lovely pictures, like this from Northern Spanking:

This is from Remedial ClAss, one of our HD films. Lucy asked for some help with the title, as the script/concept was entitled Div Kids, and we didn't think it was massively P.C. Not that we specialise in being particularly P.C... I banged out a few, including Sascha's Special. Remedial 'Ass. NSI School For The Gifted. Forrest Rump.Dunce Upon A Time. Bum and Bummer. (I should work in the headlines department at a tabloid, or something.) and clearly Lucy was inspired by one of them.

I just love that angle of leg kick and the flash of Leia-Ann's Panties. Lovely!

And another HD film in the last month from NSI! This is, of course, Zoe Montana with a freshly caned bottom, and is from the film "Corrective Surgery"

Also at Northern Spanking, a lovely stills set featuring two of my most favourite girls. Obviously my sister is one of them (she with-holds my chocolate if I say otherwise. AND locks me in the Amy-cupboard...) but whose delightful bottom is that under scrutiny?

Indeed. It could only belong to the brilliant Andi Switch!

I suppose a blog post should really have something of me on it, being massively narcissistic an' all.

How about a picture from our favourite bondage friends at Restrained Elegance?
This was my first suspension, and was an awful lot of fun.

I also got to work with the resident slavegirl there, Ariel Andersson - known more to the spanking community as Miss Amelia Jane Rutherford, of course. And whilst she's the slavegirl, she sometimes gets to tie up the other models, as you can see. It was a real chore, I can tell you. Especially when she looked mean and ripped my jacket open...


Anyway. I've been busy this month, although in more of a vanilla way. Haven't done a party now since April, so I'm quite keen to get back into the swing of things, for want of a better phrase.

I've started doing some martial arts training, needing an appropriate channel for violence and pain, and am perpetually nursing shin, foot, forearm and chest bruises at the moment. I'm also inflicting far more than my fair share though, on the blokes I spar with. I also successfully convinced a very vanilla fighter to take a decent stroke on his ass with an Escrima stick, which was basically a cane-density, short, broom handle. Rather like a particularly cruel Singapore, really.
The payoff? I had to do it with my top off. Ummm... because clearly thousands of people across the world haven't already seen my bra.
Only one stroke, but I made it count. The impact threw him forwards onto the bed, and the shock was such that he got through "Oh, actually that wasn't that ba..." before the pain hit him. Hum-te-tum! And what a lovely stripe! Virgin bottoms are far too much fun.

I'm hoping I don't get too tempted to repeat it in the Dojo - I'm already having enough trouble with the discipline/etiquette side of things, and Sensei is not someone I fancy insulting.
Although... grab a Bo and a few nifty knots, and this might be the result:

I'll maybe suggest it to them.