Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Random quick update

I'm on the front page of Strict Women just now. Go take a look!

(and no, I'm not actually spanking *my* father. I think Lucy would be a bit miffed about that, at the very least... ;p )

Scratch that, it's changed now. Ah well, till the next time...

I've shot for Strict Women rather more recently than that video anyway - just a couple of weeks ago, in fact - but the material isn't available just yet. Pity, as there was a terrific tawse and cane vid amongst others!

Here's a pic of some people you may recognise though - and yes, unusually for this shoot we had guests round from Northern Spanking and also Bars and Stripes - neither Paul nor the Guv offered up bottoms for my warm-up strokes though. Spoilsports... You won't have seen the gorgeous girly on the left though, who is Miss Zoe's sister, and to whom I gave her first EVER spanking. On video. Ohhhhh yes. I'll link to that when it goes up, that's for sure....

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Egads, it's September!

Well, as those of you who follow me on Twitter will know, I've been fairly busy with all sorts of life issues. Those of you who have actually seen me (and kudos, 'cause I've not been easy to catch) know more of the details, but suffice to say it's been a slightly rocky month or two.

The first of September rolls around (yet again - off go the bloody swallows!) and it's back to school with a bump.

Unless you're Kami Robertson. In which case, it's back to school - and immediately expelled - with a bump in the shape of a nasty looking caning -the Northern Spanking Institute is not tolerant of wicked ways and depravity in uniform, so a freshly expelled and shamed Kami is sent home, and promptly receives the thrashing of her life there. I love this pic of the results:

Meanwhile, some of our girls - shock horror - actually enjoy their punishments. God Forbid, eh, Daily Heil?
Here we have the ridiculously sexy Katja in her Northern Spanking debut, being slowly peeled out of her tight jodphurs by none other than the divine Andi Switch for a sensual cropping and OTK spanking.

When "Girls' Night In" was released over on Northern, one of the members - who declined to identify themselves - chose to comment with a highly constructive "yawn".
Now then:
Quite aside from the fact that he was too pussy to leave a name, (and yes, we can see from which account comments are left, kittens) I have a slight issue with people who do this. Especially repeat offenders.

Firstly - it's a film featuring three of the hottest models about, in sexy underwear.

Secondly - there is the ubiquitous girly action that section 4.36 of the NSI Filming Mandate invokes: ...should a film contain both Leia-Ann Woods and Jadie Reece, it is required that lesbian acts are undertaken on no less than 80% of that material. Failure to adhere to this guideline will result in DOOM and retention of cheesecake...

Thirdly - We're all mostly mature enough to accept that Not Everyone Is Going To Like Every Scenario. Some of us at NSI feel like peeling our eyeballs rather than do another quivering schoolgirl video, but we still do them, because we like to have some of the best variety around. You name it, we've probably done it. This includes Schoolgirls in Space, so yes, we've covered that base. ;)

Fourthly -If you feel the need to vociferously condemn a film/photoset, then why not try making it constructive? Rather than "yawn", why not try "I felt this set was a bit too same-y/slow-moving/disjointed/vomit-inducing/focussed on knees. I would love to see more boobs/knees/crash zooms/cake/build-up/raptors. Thanks for working your butts off thus far, NSI, I know just how much hard work it is trying to please everyone. I am sending chocolate as I speak. Yours in spanking-awe, A. Member."

I think I had a "fifthly", but the last paragraph pretty much erased it from my head. Oh dear. On to a couple of pics - these are both candid shots from the set, taken by one of our photography experts, Billy. I love them, so I'm sharing them here rather than using the official stills from the film - you can see them all on the site though.

Harrumph. Now that's out of the way, I wanted to pilfer and share a picture from Mistress Switch's blog, because I love it.
We had a fabulous party with her a couple of weeks ago, at which the very sexy Erin Best made her scene debut (look out for more of this stunning girl, as we at Northern are going to kidnap her!) and we were joined at the end by none other than Cassie Hunter who delighted us with her caning. I'd been wanting to meet "the other Hunter" for some time, so to get to cane alongside her was a thrill. I hope to work with her again soon. ;)

l-r: Leia Ann Woods, Cassie Hunter, Andi Switch, Jadie Reece, Erin Best, Nicole Reina and Moi.

Finally for today, an album launch preview:

If you thought the stars from Northern were only skilled at bending over, you'd be wrong...