Saturday, 17 October 2009


My sleep patterns are all to cock this week due to erratic working hours and general RL screw-ups. As of this second I'm not even sure where my "spanking" phone is - I've literally been glued to the "RL Amy" phone, which heralds far fewer exciting prospects, even if it is an iPhone.
I sometimes envy these characters I make up in films for their general lack of responsibility. Only sometimes, mind. ;)

I spent much of the former part of the week involved in non-pr0n (and therefore, sekrit) film shenanigans, which - as much as I love it - I find quite tricky to sit back and let people do my make-up/adjust bits of me/fetch me refreshments/re-set props etc, as I'm so used to doing it for myself.
(NB; this is not, I repeat, not an indication that I don't occasionally like to be waited on and send chain-clad slaves scuttling to fetch me a nice Kahlua on ice. That is generally welcome. A foot rub wouldn't go amiss either.)

Anyway... in lieu of the above I have a glass of Ribena and new sheepskin boots (that are actually better than Uggs and half the price. Yup, those of us from The North are awfully obsessive about getting a decent deal. So I hear!) so in that luxurious setting why not have some pics released on Spanking Server this week?

You know it took me a few moments to work out which panties those were when I saw that picture. Normally I've been known to recall which panties I wore in sets shot 3 years ago with relative ease, but those ones threw me a bit as they're a different pattern on the front.

I'm not sure I ever posted this pic, but I quite like it - from a different set at Spanking Server, obviously.

Oh, ok. It can't all be me, can it? That would just be tedious. Besides; we've had a new model go up over at Northern Spanking so I have to share her, don't I?!

Meet Nimue. She's a popular UK fetish model who joined us on our Yorkshire shoot earlier in the year. I had the very great delight of punishing her more than once, and she's another regular on Twitter if you're not already following her.

What do you mean, you want to see her face? I thought you only loved us for our rears! Oh, alright then... How about pretty face and cleavage? Does that work?

Northern put up a real treat for pyjama lovers recently.
Here is what Paul had to say about the incident:
Some of you may remember that, not so long ago, I had no option but to give young Kali a very sore smacked bottom. I had hoped that was the end of the matter when I sent her, well-smacked, to bed without supper.

During the course of the evening I received, by means of the telephone, further disturbing news of Kali's misbehaviour in the village. It was necessary therefore and, with some regret, to visit Kali in her room and administer another smacked bottom and a firm dose of the strap to her pyjama clad behind. Some minor cheek during the punishment forced me to bare Kali's now no doubt extremely sore bottom, for the rest of her punishment.

I have the feeling Kali will be sleeping on her tummy tonight.

I love both of these pics. The position and the pyjamas are both great.

And I know I haven't really shown lovely Kali's face, but if you're intrigued to see how she reacts facially then head over to N.S.I

Another set that caught my eye on Northern recently was Kami's latest; Suspended and Spanked:

There's several of this lovely angle, which shows the awesome socks and uniform. I'm sure you'll agree it's aesthetically pleasing on several levels. Not least thanks to Stephen Lewis, hand model extraordinaire, who has also recently started to Twitter. (If you haven't already, then follow me at Hello Miss Hunter - from there you can find many of your favourite spanking scene folk. And lots of porn stars. Whatever floats your boat...)

Actually, the above link contains one of my new pictures as the background, so go and check it out - I quite like it. From the same set, here's another to bid you a goodnight: