Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Women and elephants never forget an injury...

As many of you will know thanks to Twitter over there >, I managed to destroy my ankle on Saturday.
For those who have asked: I sprang off a high kerb to cross the road, and couldn't see the ground I was landing on due to the awesome combination of everyone's friend The Winter Sun and the fact the infernal rains had just gotten going, creating a pretty, "blinding mirror" effect.
It appears that the tarmac I couldn't see was a bit less flat than I was expecting, and so as I landed, (on my left foot) everything buckled and my fibula decided it would quite like to escape the confines of its normal habitat.
Thankfully the bugger didn't come leaping through my ankle, though, as you see from some of the bruises, it made a bit of an attempt.

Having felt what I realised within a nanosecond was Not Good Sensation, I remembered I was sort-of standing in the middle of a main road near Euston, and was shortly to be mown down by a herd of black cabs, who doubtless had found my extra-bendy-leg skills quite enthralling, as they'd at least allowed me the time to lift my head and ascertain how far away the other side of the road was.
I tried to walk it off for the 100 metres or so I still had to go before my destination. About 10 metres in it was pretty apparent that this wasn't going to be walked off. Or even walked on. By the time I arrived and met a colleague at the front door, I was plummeting into shock, and I had time to tell him what had happened and inform him I was going to start crying in 6 seconds, then everything got a bit more panicky and frantic. I then spent all day being iced with my leg up on a table, being occasionally called-on for my opinion. Ha. My journey home was, um, different: had I still been living in Scotland, I would have gotten a taxi, or called one of my mates to come and grab me. This doesn't happen in the centre of London. The more lucid of my colleagues suggested a route that wouldn't involve much walking, but would take 2 hours instead of 45 minutes. Whoop. And then I couldn't get my boot back on due to having an actual elephant's foot attached to my calf, so I had to "walk" to the bus stop/tube/etc in my sock. Through the many puddles. I looked like I'd been drinking Saturday afternoon cocktails and mislaid my shoe. I wasn't even wearing heels, ffs.
Ruin. Disaster. Shame.
The following day I was also contractually required to be doing things, so I still dragged myself into town with the aid of many drugs and lots of bandages. I don't remember a great deal about Sunday. Since then it's been just about constant RICE-ing and arnica. Which reminds me... Must get some more on the go.

I've been noticeably more stubborn about "taking" body pain since I started martial arts. It's quite a different approach to how I would go about, say, the Spanking Server/Pain 4 Fem Shoot.
It's partially a bravado thing - as one of the lads, I can't let the side down by indicating in any way that it hurts. (Not that I don't utilise the "Oh, you hurt the poor girl! She's curled up in pain and squeaking." card during fights if I feel I need to fight dirty that way. Nothing like a quick stab of guilt to distract a male opponent. It's underhand and smacks a wee bit of Boy Who Cried Wolf. But I only do it if it genuinely hurt. ;p) But it's very much also a Mind Over Matter issue - which I had plenty of before, don't get me wrong. It's not like I've ever lacked guts - but now it's more automatic.
If Sensei pulls me up for a demonstration which I know is going to involve a black-out blow to the neck, or something that's really going to be nasty, I still offer myself up. I suppose it's verging on a trust thing, although it's actually not quite like that.
And no, this isn't me suddenly having a submissive epiphany. I'm afraid that's not going to happen.;)

Hmm. Anyway. Short story - Amy is going stir-crazy due to lack of physical exercise. It's not even been a week. I start physio tomorrow, so hopefully that'll help speed things up.

Right. Enough about my nth disaster of the year (and yes, the less said about that the better. It's almost working out as a monthly thing. Like a pissed-off, spikey period with a hand grenade.) - BRING ON THE TRUMPETS PORN.

One of the main reasons I HEART Northern Spanking is the sheer variety they shoot. Yes, I'm biased. Very heavily biased. But I'm also very truthful.
From cheesecake (in both senses, actually) to severe schoolgirl canings, and bedtime slippering summons to coquettish spankee-initiated sexy romps - they do actually have it all.
Well. Except maybe Amelia-Jane Rutherford in a sheer bodysuit. They don't have t...
Ah HA! Foiled. Yes, yes they do.

I majorly heart AJR on many levels. She's like the embodiment of glittery kittens tap-dancing over a rainbow. Here NSI directed her to "do cheesecake", and she manages to not only do this, but also look darn sexy at the same time. What trickery is this, Rutherford?!

Another set I've been enjoying over the last month has been Pandora's "Enter The Library", which I keep subconsciously substituting with "dragon", of course, and then trying to stifle the emerging spanking spoof that starts springing to mind. Yet another reason myself and Mr Stephen Lewis are not allowed to be in the same room.

The setting is gorgeous for this, and the antique ruler and "Secretary" feel is hawt:

Northern even got her to read her notes back to him. Rarrrrrr.... ;)

And I can't let a blog go by without pointing out that we got Bailey to shoot for us while we were in Vegas. (Erica Scott and Sarah Gregory too. The Stateside Superstars. ;D)

Ah, just who could spank such a sweetie?!
We all know who... the Most Hated Man On The Internet. (I might acronym that up to MoHMOTI, Stee-Lew. Except it sounds a bit too much like Marmot. You see what you've started?)
The Girl! She is Being Spanked! Natural Order is Restored!

(All of the above taken from Northern Spanking)

Goodness, I'm writing like Bret Easton Ellis on popping candy tonight. I think I've had too much arnica.

Just before I go this evening - over at Pain 4 Fem via Spanking Server they've released a compilation DVD of 'The Spanking Machine 4" which features the (frankly scary) machine being used on myself, Pandora, and two other girls - Lucky (or not) and El.
My episode is my bottom being punished;

Pandora's is the one where she had her breasts whipped. Which was hot as hell, from a close-viewing perspective.


But yes, if you're curious about the machine then check it out. It's pretty unique. And savage.

Right. Time for more painkillers. Bye for now...