Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Isn't it strange/hideous how each year just seems to go faster?

I've barely noticed December happening, and now it's over. Goodness.

Here. Have some fairy light porn:

What do you mean, Pandora already did that? Pfff... No pleasing some people...

Shush. It may not be as pretty and nekkid as P's, but it's festive and it's bondage. What more do you want? Oh. Actual content? Rats... Here goes then:

Those of you following my Twitter over to the right will have noticed a mad influx of Strictly Come Spanking promo posts before Christmas.
This was long-awaited from Northern Spanking - possibly longer than Wheatley Manor - and really didn't disappoint. Actually, despite us being slightly concerned about the lack of spanking in it, there ended up being more than I thought there was going to be, and a few incidences of spanking upon myself, which wasn't in the script.

(Stills from the film stolen shamelessly from Pandora and Brush Strokes because I don't have Quicktime Pro. ;p)

Yes, we did indeed not only attempt to recreate the TV prog (Dancing With The Stars, for my Stateside readers) but we succeeded. One of the funniest things about it was the fact that the majority of the cast - myself included - had never seen the show, so were reliant on writers Stephen "MoHMOTI" Lewis and Lucy McLean to describe to us who we were meant to be parodying.

Our judges panel featured a prim English lady who speaks in metaphors, a bitchy camp guy, and an effusive, possibly-on-drugs foreigner. *ahem*

The Couples:

Syra & Paul

Leia-Ann & Stephen

and Amelia-Jane & Hywel

... oh, and a blonde, attention-seeking female presenter, Tess Twice-Daily. And we do indeed invite the Beeb to sue. ;p

Part of the sheer hilarity of the whole film is that we have ad breaks with infomercials created by not only the cast of the film (several months after we forgot about the great ideas we had for it at the time) but also other scene folk such as Irelynn Logeen and Tony and Eve from Shadowlane - so the whole thing is, once again, an epic of folk doing stuff for a fabulous Northern Spanking film out of the sheer love for what we do.

My infomercial was... well... you'll just need to see it to believe it. All I can say is that I wrote and filmed it during a particularly dark week, so am not responsible for any mental scarring brought about. ;)

We filmed it so that there would be a choice of who won - voted for by you, dearest public. It went to a vote, and... the winners.... of Strictly Come Spanking 2009..... are....

You'll just need to watch it and find out, eh?!


In all seriousness, not only has it made us laugh like fools, but also folk who'd never seen it either - Pandora's review of the first two parts was a treat - and also, apparently, vanilla wives (Thanks for the tweet, @RogerWilcox, it made us smile a lot!!) - I now have the DVD version, which contains the outtakes. All 30 minutes of them. As I'm feeling once again a little maudlin, I think I may be sticking them on once I've finished this epic blog.
Yes, I know it needn't be as long if I updated more often, ok?! :D

In other words: Buy it. Love it. Thanks If it helps, I get spanked as three different people in it. None of them Amy. My shrink bill will be through the roof someday.

In other Northern Spanking Fun, we have a film I shot a little while ago as a pushy Avon Lady, telling Stee-Lew MoHMOTI to embrace his metrosexuality:

And a debut from new girl to Northern Rachel Foster, who we worked with in April, on the shoot the day after the famed Car crash

Behold my lack of neck brace - astonishing what photoshop can do, eh?

Finally for this year, a lovely set called "Sit there and listen" featuring the lovely Caroline Grey and Kali Redmond as sisters made to listen to the other being punished. I love the pic of Caroline anxiously waiting while you can see in the next room Kali being bent over. It's phenomenal.
Bravo, Northern Spanking!!

Right. Anything else before I go into hiding for New Year? Oh yes - I've set up a profile on so check that out if you are feeling that way inclined.

*Exits on a whirlwind of frozen yoghurt and ribena*