Sunday, 21 February 2010

I never claimed to be a regular blogger...

So far this year I have been really quite busy with odds and ends - no shoots so far this year though, which saddens me; I like shooting.

As you will see from my profile at I am no longer blonde.
This has been a great experiment in social perceptions, and I've been proved right over a couple of things (including guessing who hates it and wants it back blonde again) and also completely wrong.
Fret not, I'm still the same vapid bimbo underneath. ;)

Rather like Miss Rutherford, I too am presently doing more administrative site work, which currently consists of creating detailed search functions for every gallery on Northern Spanking since it began. (This being for the famed "New" site re-launch in a few months. So that now if you want to find a very specific set with a nurse bent over a desk being hit by a crop, or Morgan in stockings doing cornertime after being paddled and caned, or girls being spanked for doing dirty dirty things, then you can. You're welcome.)

Of course, having to go through every set has quite major disadvantages. Chief of which is the fact that there is some HOT old material on the site. I mean, seriously distracting:

Oh, you want spanking pictures and not just ones that push my buttons? Spoilsports. How about spanking pictures that push my buttons?

Look at Adele's face. I love the holding hands. Ahhhhh...

I love this one just for the sheer distress. Hurray Sadist! ;D

Look, look! I used to be young and lithe and everything!

Sam Johnson's legendary bottom hasn't aged at all, however. Even despite being pummelled in this schoolgirl set.

If in doubt, resort to Schoolgirls. The more the better. At the same time.

I think that was our reasoning behind this set, anyway... ;)

It's incredible watching the photography quality at Northern Spanking improve over the years. The pics above are excellent, and very very good for when they were shot, but if you compare them to now, it's quite different.

Even if we're recreating the incomparable "Blushes" style shoots.

Or just telling a terrific story through a photoset.

Or just showing off pretty, well-spanked bottoms.

These last three pictures are all taken from Northern's new promo site:Scottish Spanking, which is where you can go directly to our Clips 4 Sale page and purchase single films or single scenes.

Don't say we're not good to you.

Right. Off to trawl through some more sets. Adios...