Monday, 24 May 2010

Told you so

I said I'd make a post sooner than normal...

Here are some of the pics I found saved on my computer last week, from back a couple of years in the Northern Spanking archives, which particularly caught my eye.

Is this not just gorgeous? And summery? (how apt, given today's temperatures) It's the delectable Sascha Harvey, who - everyone will be delighted to hear - is returning to the scene from July! Hurrah!

Miss Emma-Jay Joyce sporting a very red bottom and a lovely 8 strap suspender belt.

Awesome. The super pretty Jadie Reece in what was one of the first shoots in the new Northern Spanking uniform. Which I'm sure you all noticed, and not the lovely upskirt shot. ;)

Rhiannon Diablo looking hellishly abusable. Though in this picture she's just about to start some rather intimate relations with Leia-Ann Woods so perhaps I should leave her to it rather than drag her off to torture...

And finally for now (until I come across another folder of pics) - the incredible cheerleader form of Syra Garcia, looking wonderfully coy, and a very young-looking Stephen Lewis. I'm sure he wasn't actually 26 when this was shot, but I could be wrong...

As usual, all the above and the sets they came from are available at Northern Spanking.

In other news, there is now a bit of blurb at Hello Miss Hunter.

Now go and enjoy the weather!

Monday, 17 May 2010

The things you find on your computer...

I keep finding random JPEGs that I've saved as "BLOG" or "Aprilblog" or somesuch which I presume I was keeping to pop in to a post.
Now as we know, the updates on here are not frequent - there's several reasons for that, some more obvious than others (insert obligatory SQUEE about my beautiful nephew. Well done Lucy and Paul!!) - so I'm going to try and stick a few of these random pics in a post for you just now, despite hideous early start tomorrow. Am I not benevolent?

Firstly, one that is not from a spanking site, but rather from the album of one of my favourite bands of all time, Rammstein, who are known for their slightly, shall we say, risque songs and videos. Their video for Sonne from their 2001 album, Mutter famously features Snow White spanking her minion dwarves, played by the band.
You must have seen it. If not - you can never have too much Rammstein, believe me - go check it out.

Anyway. Many of the lyrics from various albums allude to S&M and the rather more visceral, dare-we-say-it kinky side of sex. My current theme tune (and no, you may not steal it for yourself) is Ich tu dir weh - I hurt you. Have a snippet of lyrics:
Bisse Tritte harte Schläge/ Nadeln Zangen stumpfe Säge/ Wünsch dir was ich sag nicht nein/ Und führ dir Nagetiere ein/
Ich tu dir weh/ Tut mir nicht leid/ Das tut dir gut/ Hör wie es schreit

What do you mean, you don't speak German? Sheesh.

(Bites, kicks, hard blows / Needles, pliers, dull saw /Make a wish, I won't say no /And I'll insert the rodents into you/ I hurt you
/ I'm not sorry /It does you good /Listen to it scream)

Hmmm. Sorry. Lost in reverie for a second there. Anyway. Rammstein's current album is Liebe ist für alle da and both the song quoted above and one of the more provocative pictures from the ridiculously beautiful album artwork have been placed on The Index in Germany.

As I got the online version of the album (and the special edition, with a pre-ordered bonus track. Om nom nom nom...) I got the pdf version of the artwork. So have a pretty spanking picture. (Unless you're a German youth. In which case stop reading this right now, you scamp!)

Mmmm, coalhouse, sacks over heads, grubby knees... *ahem*

Where was I?

Oh. Yes. Random pictures.

There's more "vintage" Northern Spanking fare kicking about from my site admin fun. By "vintage", I mean from a few years ago, rather than Blushes scans (although as members will have seen, there have already been a couple of sets on the site which are updated, high quality versions of some of the classic Blushes magazine sets. I'll probably do a separate post about this as otherwise I'll never get to bed...)

Throwing Leia-Ann Woods over your shoulder to spank - what could possibly go wrong? ;p

Sexy stable antics with Leia-Ann and the legendary Kara-Jayne:

Just look how innocent Jadie Reece looks here. Makes me want to violate her terribly. ;)

Another of Northern Spanking's now-retired legends, Niki Flynn, sporting a fetching buttplug...

Hmmmm... I have a few more of the choicest older pictures to share, but given that it is after 1am now I think I shall leave it for another post - but sooner than normal, fret not. ;)