Thursday, 26 August 2010


I am off to the States soonish, but really wanted to share the trailer for the super sexy film called Resisting Temptation on Northern Spanking, as I just found the preview on Spanking Tube:

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Fun down on the Northern Spanking Farm...

It's been a while since I showed off some of the more recent Northern Spanking updates, so here is a little selection of some of my favourites from the last month or so.

Just how shameful and vulnerable does Pandora look in this? Having to lift her skirt for her punishment, and knowing she's going to have to get undressed for a hard caning. Lovely!

Poor girl. I'd say I feel sorry for her. But I'd be lying... ;)

This week we've welcomed yet another American starlet into our midst - Zille came over here and of course couldn't resist working for Northern Spanking while she was at it - and we're very glad the kinky little minx did!

What a bum! Rarrgh! *ahem* Moving swiftly on before I disgrace myself...

Ahhh... hard wooden paddle on a nurse. In the bathroom. Why not? I mean; I know some of us are statistically more likely to find a hot girl in a nurse's outfit and stockings hanging about in the bathroom, but surely it happens to non-pr0n people too. No? Ah well. Thank goodness we documented the event in photographs!

For some reason this was one of those sets where without consulting each other beforehand, Nimue and I ended up both in glasses and stockings. I quite like the specs - I have shoots where I entirely forget I own any, and then others where I'll do every other set in g33k-chic goodness. Thankfully it doesn't affect my aim either way, so it can just be down to personal preference for the viewer.

Ooh, ooh -

Guess the bottom?!
Hurrah hurrah it's the lovely Andi, and a proper sexy/scary Judicial punishment caning based on a true story of 2 girls caught acting as drugs mules.

Leia-Ann also gets caught and due to the larger amount she has smuggled, she is also subjected to bastinado. With a savage cane. Ouch.

Rather her than me.

Just to show we're also quite nice to her at Northern (sometimes) - here's a final couple from a set in which I spank her for sexy fun and then... quelle surprise... TEH LESBIANZ ACTION begins.

Where's Stephen Lewis when you need him to break up a set?

In the bloody toilet, eh? Come on Ste-Lo, there's girly action to intervene in!