Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I love the angle of Leia-Ann's legs in this picture. It's terrific. This is from a new set this week on Northern Spanking called "Little Sailor Girl" and features the endless legs and gorgeous figure of Leia-Ann getting thoroughly beaten with a strap. You get 10 points for working out who wrote the story blurb for the set. ;)

Well. In the new year I shall be heading a new F/m site called the Institute of Feminine Discipline. I shall give you all a heads up when it goes live, but in the meantime, I shall share some preview pics with you:

Mmm, mouth-soaping!

Poised with the next weapon of doom!

Dealing with David.

Ah, the hairbrush. Rapidly turning into a favourite implement for me to use - there's something very devastating about it.

To be fair, this strap is also devastating, but at least its primary purpose is clearly for discipline, unlike the brush, which could just be innocuous.

Ah yes. I made my debut on Deadly Females very recently, after a wicked shoot with them in which I choked and squashed their models, who hadn't been told that I train in martial arts. Nice surprise for them there! Heh heh... Looking forwards to shooting with them again, and hopefully doing more wrestling/facesitting stuff with other companies in the new year. Hurrah!

Session updates briefly:

I've been doing several brill double domme sessions recently - a few with Miss Jessica Wood, so if you think you can handle it, check out that page on her site and book through her - though you will need to wait until next year now as she's away on tour until the new year. Alright for some!

December will be crazy, so book as soon as you have a date - I am presently still taking bookings for the 2nd to the 19th and have some v limited (and very rare) Central London time available on the 10th in the afternoon/early evening. Get in touch asap via My Site if you are interested in that day.

Hmm, that'll do for now. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Amy nice pics ,cannot get on to northern spanking must be the bad weather ,love and spanks ,tim xx