Saturday, 9 April 2011

They said it would never be made...

... and by that I actually mean the film, rather than a blog post.

Yes, I have been laughing a great deal this week as my sis Lucy has pulled a film I'd almost forgotten we'd done out of the Northern Spanking bag of tricks.

A few years ago - probably whilst reading some inane forum comment about how not all films are the same schoolgirl theme and therefore some producers are ripping people off by not churning out the same half-hearted "uniforms in generic detention in someone's living room" dross all the darn time - Lucy and I were discussing what we could possibly do that was new in terms of a schoolgirl film.

We'd done detentions for every reason under the sun. Classroom naughtiness of all varieties. Misbehaving in gym and being dealt with by the gym mistress also then followed by reporting to the head. Prefects dealing with younger girls. Head Girl duties. Taking letters home to angry guardians. Being expelled then dealt with it both at school and at home. Schoolgirl erotic encounters with other schoolgirls. Schoolgirl erotic encounters with inappropriate figures. Giggling girls trying out stuff they'd seen in magazines. Terrified girls being made to wait for hours for the inevitable. Short Sharp Shocks. Dealt with in the head's office. Dealt with in the classroom. Dealt with at the neighbour's house. Dealt with in the farmer's field. Dealt with in the random garden they were busking off school in.
And don't even start us on the variety of uniforms. Traditional. Mini-kilts. Summer Dress. Gym Kit. Japanese. Ann-Summers style.

So yes, we'd covered all those bases, and some of them multiple times with different girls. And so we were discussing film ideas that we might only dream of someday. I imagine I came up with things like Schoolgirls Vs Ninjas and Schoolgirls On Fire before declaring that we should do Schoolgirls In Space. It was meant as a bit of a piss-take. But, as with many things at Northern Spanking, we think the most important thing is that the actors involved enjoy it in some way.
And so some sort of script was written (which is always an immediate nightmare, as we're used to improv, and once someone deviates it tends to bugger up the flow of things a bit) and by chance we got to work in the lovely Restrained Elegance studios before they moved, and there they had a basic "industrial" style set. All we therefore needed was to make some suitably retro sci-fi control panels (and believe me, I've never seen the boys so pleased with their work. SO MUCH GEEK.) and cover most other surfaces in all of my tinfoil. Oh. And make foil hats, which were apparently "essential" to the script. Props set against eachother to create these marvels of millinery. Leia-Ann and I modelled them. The glamour!

There then follows a film that is both gloriously geeky, highly hilarious and... er... concluding in caning.

Despite it being filmed some time ago (I'm blonde and a bottom in it!) I remember how sore the spanking was - it's always trickier to take when you're in the purposeful deadpan comedy mode, I find - and whilst obviously the brief domme debut of Amelia-Jane is a fairly light token caning, the captain swiftly takes over and drives it home, which was bloody sore.

There's also a fabulous surprise ending which I'd totally forgotten about, and involves a certain gorgeous tall blonde model in very nice underwear receiving a particularly sexy spanking. You'll have to see that bit on the Northern site, but if you fancy a little video preview of the rest of it, then look below.

FREE preview trailer for Schoolgirls In Space

Live Long and Prosper... ;)


Anonymous said...

You were blonde and a bottom, those were the good old days that I fondly remember.

This video really does look like it must have been a hoot to make, beginning with the set decoration. How exactly did Amelia-Jane's underwear wind up on the outside of her clothes?

I can certainly sympathize with your feeling that, at some point, you are making the same few videos over and over again. And this certainly was NOT one of those few videos.

You are so very cute blonde and as a bottom. And you make a few years sound like so long! I can almost remember being that young!

Thanks for the post, photos and trailer.


Anonymous said...

Spanking in space? :O lol, you must of done just about every scenario possible by now O.o still - looks hot though aha


Anonymous said...

Years ago I had the very great pleasure of your sister Lucy over my knee. I suggested to her then one scenario she thought impossible - a Spanking Waltons. Or that might have been laughable. Anyway, now that may show my age a bit so you might have to update it a bit (Spanking Dukes of Hazard's a bit too obvious ... Daisy's tight shorts...sorry, lost track of things a bit there) but it would certainly be different. In case you can't see yourselves doing an American version, how about Spanking Buds of May? Catherine Zeta ... oh, sorry, off again there. Still, easy enough to see the setting - country lanes, barns, switches, google-eyed civil servants, it's got them all. And you can stay brunette for that one and stand-in for Ms Zeta-Jones ...


HelloMissHunter said...

Thanks, j_man. Yes, I think it's pretty much all been done if we've had to extend it to outer space! ;)

Dave said...

I loveeeeeee the space schoolgirls concept, and just did a blog feature on the intersteller spanko vid :-)


Anonymous said...

I really wish you would update more... I love Lei-Ann's shoes! Love the idea too!